Park View Policies

Room Rates

Room rates range from $139.00 to $359.00 per night, excluding special events. The specific rate depends on the room and number of people, and does not include applicable state and city taxes.  Special events stays  may require a minimum stay and  full,  non refundable payment in advance of arrival.


*Special event and holiday bookings require a 35 day cancellation in order to receive a deposit refund. In some circumstances this cancellation policy may be extended to 90 days. Guests will be notified of such policy when the reservation is made.

*Group bookings require a 60 day cancellation in order to receive a deposit refund. All rooms in a group block must have a deposit to be held once we are 90 days from the check in date.

* Regular reservations require a 15 day cancellation in order to receive a deposit refund.

Please note that because we are a small business, last minute cancellations and changes of plan can be disastrous for us. Therefore, Park View reserves the right to charge the full amount of the reserved stay in the event of a shortened stay or change of plans, once the guest has checked into the hotel.

Arrivals and Departures

Because we want all our guests to have a beautiful, clean room for their arrival, check in time is set at 3 PM and check out time is 11 AM. We will be happy to try and accommodate special arrival and departure times, but cannot make guarantees because of other guest needs. We are always happy to store luggage in the event that we cannot be flexible with the above times.

Our front desk closes and front door locks at 7pm each night. If you need any assistance after this time, there is a phone number for our nighttime employee posted by the front door as well as at the front desk.


We welcome well behaved, well supervised children in our establishment. Because  this definition is somewhat subjective, we do reserve the right to ask guests to quiet their children down whenever we deem necessary. We also ask that children refrain from running in the halls and up and down the stairs, as this may disturb other guests who are traveling without children. Our historic inn is furnished with extremely valuable antiques and decorative accessories so we ask our adult guests to closely monitor their children’s activities at all times on the premises. Our balconies can be dangerous for children, so our policy is for children to refrain from going on balconies unless under direct parental supervision.


The Park View Guest House is a non smoking facility inside the premises. Guests may smoke in designated areas outside of the building, but may not smoke on private balconies or in hotel rooms. Because cigarette smoke is extremely difficult to remove, any room that smells like cigarette smoke during a guest stay, or upon checkout, will be assessed a $200.00 fee for damages.